Blue Grass Savings Bank


Type Cost
Non Sufficient Funds Charge (per item) $28.00
Overdraft Charge (per item)
(Created by Check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means)
Stop payment fee $20.00
Lost ATM/ Debit card $5.00
Wire Transfer-Domestic Outgoing $22.00
Wire Transfer-International Outgoing $75.00
Cashier Check $3.00
Money Order $1.50
Account Balancing Per Hour $12.50
Check Copies (per copy) $3.00
Faxing (per fax) $5.00
Photocopies (per copy, minimum $1.00) $0.25
Check printing varies on style and type of check order

* CD- Substantial Penalty for Early Withdrawal, minimum 500 Deposit

** rates may vary after an account is opened, minimum balance required to open the account, fees can reduce earnings